Please ride with caution since there are thin spots. This page and facebook are great resources about conditions. Thank you volunteer groomers we owe all of you for the great fun we are having. Please ride responsibly and obey signage. Landowners are so appreciated for their generosity, please don’t let them down!

Trail Name Map Reference Last Groomed General Comments
ITS 80 From ITS 89 to E-3 1/20/24  
ITS 89 North to Harrison 1/20/24  
ITS 89 South / Railroad Bed to B-1 2/3/23  
South Bridgton Trail From B-1 to Long Lake, Naples takes it at N-8 1/20/24  
West Bridgton Trail From B-5 to Moose Pond, with little jaunt to Highland Lake 1/22/24 Large water hole towards south high street
Otter Pond Trail From B-4 to B-6, with little jaunt down to Otter Pond    
Mt Henry Trail (subset of Otter Pond Trail) From B-4 to Lampron’s Lil’ Mart, cross over 302 to continue on to Otter Pond Trail 1/20/24  
Stearns Pond Trail Off ITS 80 at E-1    
Highland Lake Trail From B-9 to Highland Lake    
Long Lake Access Trail Off ITS 89 at B-10    
Moose Pond Trail Other side of Moose Pond (B-11) connecting to F-2 and F-3 1/20/24  

Trail Map

Club TripsActivities / Events Member Trips
Jackman 2016Rena Ward Memorial SignPete's 4 Day Trip to Quebec Feb 29 - Mar 3, 2016
Trail Work 2016-2017 Season
MSA Safety Presentation 2017
2018 Christmas Party
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